What is another word for school phobia?

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[ skˈuːl fˈə͡ʊbiə], [ skˈuːl fˈə‍ʊbiə], [ s_k_ˈuː_l f_ˈəʊ_b_i__ə]

School phobia is a condition where students feel extreme anxiety and fear related to attending school. Synonyms for this term include school refusal, school avoidance, and school anxiety disorder. School refusal is the term used to describe students who avoid school due to anxiety or fear, while school avoidance refers to the behavior of avoiding specific aspects of school, such as a particular teacher or class. School anxiety disorder encompasses all of these behaviors and includes physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, and panic attacks. Regardless of the term used to describe this phobia, it's essential for parents and educators to address the underlying causes and seek appropriate treatment to ensure the student's academic and emotional well-being.

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How to use "School phobia" in context?

Most people know someone with a school phobia. It's a fear of going to school, or of any activity that may involve surrounded by other people. People with school phobias can be very anxious and can feel very uncomfortable in school. For some, school may be the only time they're ever in a large group of people.

Some people with school phobias may have had a experience that made them fear schools. For example, a child may have been bullied in school or may have had a traumatic experience at school. Other people may have a true phobia of school, without any specific recollection or event.

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