What is another word for scofflaws?

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[ skˈɒflɔːz], [ skˈɒflɔːz], [ s_k_ˈɒ_f_l_ɔː_z]

Scofflaws are individuals who are known for their disregard of the law. Some of the synonyms for the word scofflaw include delinquent, lawbreaker, offender, violator, outlaw, and criminal. While each of these terms refers to an individual who breaks the law, there are subtle differences in their meanings. For example, a delinquent is often used to describe a young person who is habitually breaking the law, while an outlaw is someone who is actively evading the law. No matter what word is used to describe them, scofflaws are individuals who pose a threat to society and must be held accountable for their actions.

How to use "Scofflaws" in context?

People who regularly break the rules, whether it's by not following curfew or not using proper manners, are known as scofflaws. Regardless of the severity of the infraction, all scofflaws risk being branded with a negative reputation. There are several reasons why people break the rules. Some may be careless or unaware of the consequences of their actions. Others may be purposely trying to defy authority or embarrass others. Whatever the reasons, it's important that scofflaws learn to respect the rules and face punishment when they break them.

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