What is another word for scolding?

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Scolding is a term that refers to giving someone a stern and severe lecture, usually in response to some mistake or misdeed. However, there are several other synonyms for the word scolding. These include castigating, berating, rebuking, reprimanding, admonishing, chiding, reproofing, upbraiding, and dressing down. Each of these terms emphasizes a specific aspect of scolding, such as the severity of the lecture or the tone of the delivery. Regardless, when you use any of these synonyms for scolding, the message is clear: something has gone wrong, and corrective action is needed.

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How to use "Scolding" in context?

Scolding is a punishment that is delivered to someone for their wrongdoing. It usually consists of a verbal warning and/or a physical punishment. It is often used when a child has done something wrong, and the parents want to teach the child a lesson. Scolding may also be used when a person is acting out of line and needs to be corrected.

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