What is another word for scraggier?

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Scraggier is a comparative form of an adjective scraggy that describes something as being unkempt, rough or having a bony frame. This word can also be replaced by other synonyms to describe the same meaning. For instance, the term wiry is used to describe something that is thin and bony. Rugged implies a natural or rough surface whereas uneven speaks of unevenness within the surface. Shaggy is another similar term that relates to a hairy, rough or scruffy appearance. Likewise, scrawny, lanky, and gangling can also be used interchangeably with scraggy to describe a person or animal that is thin or having an undernourished appearance.

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How to use "Scraggier" in context?

The word "scraggier" is derived from the Old English word "skragga-ferh," meaning "to make curly." The term has been used to describe a person or a plant that is less abundant inousse or has smaller leaves or less vigorous growth.

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