What is another word for scruples?

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Scruples refer to one's moral or ethical standards that determine what is right or wrong. Synonyms for this word include ethical standards, moral principles, conscience, ethics, principles, values, integrity, sense of right and wrong, code of ethics, and standards of conduct. Each synonym reflects the importance of having a clear sense of what is right and wrong in one's actions and behaviors. A person with strong scruples is guided by these principles and is unwilling to compromise their beliefs, even in difficult situations. Understanding and using the synonyms of scruples can help individuals evaluate their actions and make choices that align with their values and principles.

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How to use "Scruples" in context?

The word 'scruples' is derived from the latin word 'scrupulus' which means 'adherence to one's conscience'. A person with scruples is someone who is very moral, and is concerned with principles rather than self-interest. Scruples can be positive, such as a person behaving with honesty, or they can be negative, like a person who is excessively concerned with their own reputation. Some philosophers argue that scruples are part of the human condition, and that they encourage us to be morally responsible.

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