What is another word for sea anchor?

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Sea anchor is a nautical term that refers to a device used to stabilize a boat or ship in rough waters. Some synonyms for sea anchor include drift anchor, drogue, and storm anchor. A drift anchor is used to slow down a boat and keep it in one spot, while a drogue is used to slow down a boat without stopping it entirely. A storm anchor is a heavy-duty sea anchor that is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Other synonyms for sea anchor could include sea brake, sea steadier, or sea stabilizer - all of which refer to devices used to provide stability to boats and ships in various weather conditions.

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How to use "Sea anchor" in context?

A sea anchor, or drogue, is a type of anchor used by vessels at sea. It is a weighted object, designed to slowly sink to a depth where the anchor will hold. The weight of the sea anchor prevents the vessel from moving and prevents the anchor from dragging.

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