What is another word for Sea god?

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[ sˈiː ɡˈɒd], [ sˈiː ɡˈɒd], [ s_ˈiː ɡ_ˈɒ_d]

The term "Sea god" is often used to refer to a divine figure who is associated with the depths of the ocean and its mysteries. Synonyms for this term include deity, divinity, god, goddess, celestial being, and supernatural entity. In different cultures and religions, sea gods have different names and characteristics. The ancient Greeks worshiped Poseidon as the ruler of the sea, while the Inca people believed in Mama Cocha, who was responsible for the waters and oceans. Similarly, Roman mythology mentions Neptune, Hinduism has Varuna, and Norse mythology includes Njord as the sea god. Regardless of the name, sea gods are revered and respected for their power and wisdom over the vast and unpredictable waters.

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    How to use "Sea god" in context?

    The Sea god is the personification of the ocean and is the most important deity in the religion of the sea. He governs the seas, the tides, and the waves and is said to be the conscience of the ocean. He is also responsible for the protection of sailors, and is sometimes depicted riding on a white horse.

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