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Sea onion is a common name used for the plant Allium ampeloprasum, which grows along the coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean. There are numerous synonyms for this plant depending on the country, region, and language. In English, it is also known as wild leek, sand leek, and ramp. In other languages, it is called poireau de mer (French), cebolla marina (Spanish), kremidi thalassis (Greek), and zongedroogde ui (Dutch). Regardless of the name, sea onion has a distinctive taste and is used in various culinary dishes, and its medicinal properties are believed to have benefits for human health.

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Sea onions are a type of onion that grows in salt water. They are a small, thin onion that has a flat shape and a knob on the top. They have a mild flavor and are used as a substitute for regular onions in many recipes.Sea onions are available year-round, but are most common in the spring and fall. They can be found at stores, farmers markets, and online.

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