What is another word for Sea pig?

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The term "sea pig" usually refers to a pink, blob-like creature that lives on the ocean floor. However, there are other names for this unique animal. In scientific terms, sea pigs belong to the family of deep sea sea cucumbers known as Scotoplanes. These animals are sometimes referred to as "sea cucumbers" or "sea slugs". Other common names include "ocean pigs", "sea hogs" and "deep-sea potatoes". Sea pigs are harmless creatures that play an important role in the ocean ecosystem by filtering through sediment on the ocean floor and acting as a food source for other animals. Despite their unflattering appearance, sea pigs are a fascinating part of the underwater world.

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    How to use "Sea pig" in context?

    The Sea pig, or Arctocephalus hasseltii, is a marine invertebrate that first appeared during the Miocene epoch. It is a common inhabitant of rocks and seeps at low to medium tide and can be found from the Bay of Fundy to central Chile. The sea pig can grow to a length of about 1.5 cm and weigh about 1 g. It has a long, snout-like snout, small eyes and a large, flat head. The sea pig feeds on invertebrates, predominantly mollusks, crustaceans and polychaete worms.

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