What is another word for sea serpent?

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Sea serpent is a fascinating creature that has been a part of many legends and myths for centuries. There are a variety of synonyms that have been used to describe these mythical creatures. Some of the most common synonyms for sea serpent include sea dragon, sea monster, kraken, Leviathan, and Nessie. These names are used to describe huge and scary creatures that are believed to dwell in the depths of the ocean. Some folklore suggests that sea serpents have the ability to kill ships and sailors with their powerful jaws and incredible strength. Regardless of the name used to describe them, sea serpents continue to captivate the imagination of people all around the world.

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    How to use "Sea serpent" in context?

    The sea serpent is a legendary creature, typically said to have the body of a serpent and the head, wings and tail of a sea creature such as a whale or fish. The strange creature has been variously described as resembling a eel, a dragon, a snake or some other sort of composite creature.

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