What is another word for sea snake?

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Sea snakes are a type of venomous aquatic reptile that live in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are also known as hydrophiids or coral reef snakes. Some other synonyms for sea snakes include reef snakes, oarfish, sea serpents, and belt sea snakes, depending on their physical characteristics or habitat. While these creatures are not typically aggressive towards humans, they are highly venomous and should be treated with caution if encountered. Sea snakes play an important role in their ecosystem as predators, helping to maintain a balance within the marine food chain.

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    The sea snake is a serpentine creature that typically inhabits warm seas and coasts. The sea snake has a broad head with small eyes and a slender body. The snake's scales are smooth and shiny. The sea snake's color can vary from light brown to black.

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