What is another word for seaport?

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A seaport is a place where ships dock to load or unload cargo. Some synonyms for seaport include harbor, marina, dockyard, wharf, quay, pier, and anchorage. A harbor is a sheltered body of water where ships can anchor and find protection from storms. A marina is a protected harbor for pleasure boats. A dockyard is a place where ships are built, repaired, or equipped. A wharf is a flat platform for loading and unloading cargo. A pier is a long, narrow structure projecting into the water for ships to dock. An anchorage is a place where ships can drop anchor and remain stationary. Each of these synonyms refers to a place where ships can dock, but they may have slightly different connotations and applications.

How to use "Seaport" in context?

The seaport is one of the oldest and most traditional symbols of a city. It is the place where ships come to load and unload their cargo, where sailors meet to buy and sell goods, and where traders exchange ideas. The seaport is also where people go to take a boat or a plane to other parts of the world.

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