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Seasonal is a term used to describe things that are connected to or happen during a particular season. There are several synonyms that can be used for this term including, but not limited to: periodic, cyclical, annual, seasonal, recurrent, intermittent, and periodical. Each of these synonyms carries with it a similar meaning to the word, seasonal. Periodic refers to something that happens at regular intervals, while cyclical implies something that occurs in a recurring pattern. Annual refers to something that happens once a year, whereas recurrent implies that something happens again and again. Intermittent and periodical refer to events that happen at irregular intervals. All of these synonyms are useful in different contexts when describing events or things that are related to a particular season.

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Seasonal is a word that describes something that happens only during certain parts of the year. Examples of seasonal things are fall, winter, and spring. These are called the "four seasons.

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