What is another word for secessionist?

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Secessionist refers to someone who advocates for the withdrawal of a group or region from a larger political entity. Some synonyms that closely relate to secessionist include separatist, disunionist, and independence seeker. Separatist most closely resembles secessionist, with both terms referring to supporters of a group's separation from a larger unit. Disunionist may highlight the emphasis on the dismantling of an existing union, while independence seeker portrays a search for sovereignty or autonomy. Other possibilities include autonomist, self-rule advocate, separatism proponent, and sovereignty supporter. Regardless of the exact word choice, all synonyms for secessionist suggest a desire for independence from a larger group or entity.

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There is no one definition for a separatist, as the word can have a myriad of meanings depending on the people and context it is used in. However, in general, a separatist is someone who seeks to break away from a larger political entity, often describing themselves as a "nation within a nation." While there are many reasons why people may want to secede, the most common reasons are to create a separate, independent country that reflects the people and culture of the separatist group, or to escape oppression or inequality. Some separatist movements, like the separatists in Catalonia, Spain, are also motivated by a desire for greater cultural and linguistic sovereignty.

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