What is another word for Self-dependent?

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Self-dependent is a word that describes the quality of individuals who rely on their own abilities, resources, and judgment rather than on others. Some common synonyms for the word self-dependent are self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting, autonomous, independent, and self-contained. These words portray a sense of personal strength, a feeling of self-assurance and confidence in one's own abilities. Individuals who possess these qualities are often considered to be trustworthy, reliable, and responsible. In today's rapidly changing world, being self-dependent can help individuals navigate through challenging situations, overcome hardships, and ultimately, achieve success on their own terms.

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How to use "Self-dependent" in context?

Most people believe that self-sufficient people are independent, autonomous, and resourceful. The dictionary definition of self-sufficient is "able to manage oneself, especially in economic matters." Historically, this has been a desirable trait, as it allowed for independence and the ability to take care of oneself.

However, these days, many people believe that self-sufficient people are actually self-centered and unapproachable. This is because many people no longer believe that independence is a good thing. In fact, many people now believe that independence is a selfish trait.

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