What is another word for selfishly?

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[ sˈɛlfɪʃli], [ sˈɛlfɪʃli], [ s_ˈɛ_l_f_ɪ_ʃ_l_i]

Selfishly is defined as being concerned primarily with one's own interests or personal profit, often at the expense of others. Synonyms include self-centered, egoistic, self-absorbed, self-serving, and self-seeking. A person who acts selfishly may be described as egocentric, narcissistic, or self-oriented. Other synonyms for selfishly might include egoistically, self-indulgently, or greedily. By contrast, antonyms for selfishly include altruistic, generous, selfless, and compassionate. It is important to be aware of the negative connotations associated with selfishness and to strive to act in a way that benefits not only oneself but also others around us.

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    How to use "Selfishly" in context?

    Selfishness is often seen as a negative trait, but in some cases it can be a necessary ingredient for success.

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