What is another word for seminal fluid?

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Seminal fluid is a term used to describe the reproductive fluid that is released by male organisms during sexual intercourse. There are several synonyms to describe this fluid, including semen, spermatic fluid, and seminal plasma. Semen is the most commonly used term and is composed of a mixture of sperm, seminal plasma, and various other substances. Spermatic fluid refers to specifically the fluid containing sperm cells, while seminal plasma describes the liquid part of semen that is produced by the accessory glands in the male reproductive system. Other synonyms for seminal fluid include ejaculate and prostatic fluid, referring to the parts of the reproductive system involved in its production.

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What is seminal fluid?

Semen is a fluid made of sperm cells, seminal plasma and other fluids. Semen contains sperm. The sperm are joined together by a thin protein layer. The seminal plasma includes white blood cells and other molecules important for sperm survival. In men, seminal plasma is produced mainly in the testicles.

What does seminal fluid do?

Semen plays an important role in fertility. It contains the sperm that are necessary for a successful pregnancy. Semen also helps to protect the sperm against damage and infection.

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