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A seminary is a place of learning where people study theology and related subjects in preparation for a religious vocation. There are other words that can be used to describe such a learning institution, including divinity school, theological college, and Bible institute. These synonyms all refer to places where students receive a specialized education in religious studies. They differ slightly in their focus and scope, with divinity schools often being associated with universities, theological colleges emphasizing denominational teaching, and Bible institutes emphasizing practical ministry training. However, all of these institutions share the common goal of preparing students for religious leadership roles.

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How to use "Seminary" in context?

When one thinks of a seminary, images of ivy-covered walls, white-coated priests, and church pews come to mind. However, there are also seminary campuses that focus on business and law, and there are seminaries that focus on humanitarian help and development. Seminary education can take many different forms, but all seminary students undertake rigorous coursework in theology, philosophy, and other academic disciplines.

In general, seminaries aim to provide a comprehensive education in theology, philosophy, and other academic disciplines.

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