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Senses refer to the faculties by which the body perceives various stimuli from the surrounding environment. There are several synonyms that closely relate to the word senses. For instance, perception is largely used in reference to senses, where individual sensory inputs are combined, interpreted and defined. Sensibility refers to the capacity of being able to sense or feel emotions and impressions. Inclination describes the inherent feeling of leaning towards or away from something felt through senses. Similarly, the word intuition refers to the immediate sensing of something without conscious thought or reasoning. The word feeling also has synonymous ties to senses, describing the overall sensation experienced in response to external stimuli.

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    Touch: the sense of feeling pressure, temperature, or movement with the skin.

    Taste: the ability to detect chemicals in food and drink.

    Smell: the ability to detect odorants in the air.

    Hearing: the ability to detect sound waves.

    Seeing: the ability to detect light.

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