What is another word for Sentimentalism?

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Sentimentalism is the expression of emotions that exceed the bounds of propriety. It can also be described as excess emotionalism or mawkishness. Other synonyms for sentimentalism include melodramatic, saccharine, maudlin, schmaltzy, nostalgic, and mushy. Melodramatic refers to the exaggerated emotional response to situations that are not particularly intense. Saccharine and maudlin are used to describe overly sweet or sentimental language and behavior. Schmaltzy carries a similar connotation, particularly when used in reference to art or music. Nostalgic suggests a longing for the past, and mushy refers to an exaggeratedly sentimental or emotional response to something.

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How to use "Sentimentalism" in context?

Sentimentalism is the general term for a wide range of attitudes and behaviors that involve registering or expressing feelings of affection or sympathy. Sentimentalists can be found in all walks of life, and their motives can range from simple appreciation of the beauty of life to an excessive focus on the emotions of others. Sentimentalism is usually seen as a positive trait, as it can lead to feelings of warmth and kindness. However,Sentimentalism can also have negative consequences, as it can lead to dependency on others and a loss of objectivity.

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