What is another word for serrate?

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Serrate refers to a saw-like, jagged or toothed edge. Synonyms for serrate include notched, toothed, indented, crenelated, saw-toothed, denticulate and toothy. These terms are used to describe the edges of objects, such as leaves, blades and cutting tools. Notched and toothed are similar to serrate in that they describe an edge with small, pointed projections. Crenelated and saw-toothed carry a similar meaning, but with a more distinct, zig-zag shape. Denticulate describes an edge with small teeth or projections, while toothy describes something that has many teeth-like points. Whether you're a botanist or a woodworker, understanding these synonyms for serrate can help you accurately describe the object at hand.

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How to use "Serrate" in context?

The serrated blade on a saw is a design that allows the blade to make many small cuts in a piece of wood. This is beneficial because it means that the blade is not slowed down as much by the thickness of the wood.

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  • v.

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