What is another word for sex change?

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[ sˈɛks t͡ʃˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒ], [ sˈɛks t‍ʃˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒ], [ s_ˈɛ_k_s tʃ_ˈeɪ_n_dʒ]

The term "sex change" is often associated with gender reassignment surgery or hormone therapy that alters a person's physical body to match their gender identity. However, it is important to note that this term can be seen as outdated and insensitive. In recent years, the LGBTQ+ community has adopted more inclusive language to describe such transitions, including "gender confirmation surgery," "gender-affirming surgery," or simply "transition." These terms highlight the fact that gender is not something that can be changed, but rather affirmed and celebrated. It is important to use language that respects and honors the experiences of trans and non-binary individuals, helping to create a more accepting and inclusive society.

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How to use "Sex change" in context?

There are innumerable reasons why people may choose to have sex reassignment surgery, but the most common stated motivations are social: dissatisfaction with one's sexed body and/or gender identity, wanting to live in a body that corresponds with one's gender identity, and believing that having surgery will make one happier. Some people have sex reassignment surgery for physiological reasons such as improved quality of life, reduced anxiety and depression, improved sexual function, and a decrease in incidences of sexual assault. Many people also choose to have surgery in order to conform more closely to their gender identity, with the hope of reducing discrimination and better personal and professional opportunities.

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