What is another word for sexual perversion?

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[ sˈɛkʃuːə͡l pəvˈɜːʃən], [ sˈɛkʃuːə‍l pəvˈɜːʃən], [ s_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_uː_əl p_ə_v_ˈɜː_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Sexual perversion:

How to use "Sexual perversion" in context?

Sexual perversion is a broader term than sexual deviation, which is a term for individual deviations from the norm. Sexual perversion can refer to any deviant or abnormal sexual behavior. It can include fetishes, kinks, and paraphilias. Sexual perversion may also be a symptom of a mental illness, such as madness or paraphilia. Sexual perversion is not automatically a crime, and it may not even be considered wrong by the person who practices it. In some cases, however, sexual perversion can be a crime if it is used to abuse or exploit another person.

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