What is another word for shadfly?

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Shadfly, also called Mayfly, is a common term used to describe a type of insect. As with any other word, shadfly has a variety of synonyms or alternate names, depending on the region or context. Some of the synonyms for shadfly include: - Mayfly: This is perhaps the most common synonym for shadfly. Mayflies are named after the month of May when they are most abundant. - Fishfly: Another synonym for shadfly, fishflies are often mistaken for mayflies but are usually larger and are attracted to light. - Up-winged fly: This term is often used by anglers to describe shadflies or other mayflies that have an upward-facing wing when at rest. - Ephemeroptera: This is the scientific term for the shadfly and other mayfly species.

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How to use "Shadfly" in context?

The shadfly, Polistes dominula, is a small to medium-sized fly that ranges in color from black to light gray. Adult shadflies have a wingspan of about 0.5-0.7 inches and a weight of about 0.05 grams.

The larvae of the shadfly are the most destructive pests of small grains, fruits, vegetables, and other crops. Larvae tunnel into the plant matter and feed on the nutrients and water reserves, reducing the yield and quality of the harvested produce. In addition, they can spread plant diseases.

There are several ways to control the shadfly.

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