What is another word for shaken?

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The word "shaken" can mean to be emotionally distressed or upset. Synonyms for this could include anxious, disturbed, or rattled. Shaken can also refer to physical movement, such as trembling or vibrating. Synonyms for this could include quivering, shuddering, or jiggling. Shaken can also be used to describe something that has been mixed vigorously, such as a cocktail or salad dressing. Synonyms for this could include stirred, whisked, or blended. Finally, shaken can refer to the act of waking someone from sleep. Synonyms for this could include rousing, waking, or stirring.

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How to use "Shaken" in context?

The word "shaken" means to cause a movement or disturbance. It has various meanings, as in this sentence: "The dog was shaking so badly, I was afraid it was going to give birth." This means that the dog was in a lot of pain and might die.

When you are shaken, the molecules in your body move around and make loud noises. This is because when the molecules are jostled, they jump out of their places and make a noise. This is why you may feel funny after being shaken.

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