What is another word for shaky?

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Shaky is a word used to describe something that is unstable or unsteady. It can also mean nervous or uncertain. Similar words to shaky include wobbly, unstable, frail, trembling, and tottering. These words indicate that something is not firmly fixed in place and may be likely to fall or collapse. Other synonyms for shaky include faltering, quivering, unsteady, unsure, and unreliable. These words suggest a lack of confidence or trust in something or someone. Overall, using synonyms for the word shaky can add variety and depth to your writing, allowing you to better convey the intended meaning.

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How to use "Shaky" in context?

The word "shaky" is derived from the word "shock," and it is used to describe something that is unsteady or uncertain. There are many ways to use the word "shaky," and it can be used to describe anything from the movement of the ocean to the reliability of a computer system. In general, people use the word "shaky" to describe something that is not stable or reliable.

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