What is another word for shallowly?

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Shallowly is an adverb that means to do something in a superficial or surface-level manner. There are a number of synonyms for shallowly, including superficially, lightly, faintly, and thinly. Other synonyms include cursorily, sketchily, perfunctorily, and casually. These words suggest that whatever is being done or said lacks depth or substance, and is not given much thought or attention. While these words can serve as useful alternatives to shallowly, it's important to remember that they all carry a slightly different connotation. Depending on the context, one synonym may be more appropriate than another, so it's important to choose the right word for the job.

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    How to use "Shallowly" in context?

    When someone says "shallowly," they mean that the person is not really feeling or understanding what is going on. Actions or words may be done casually or without much thought, while the person is only superficially sharing or exhibiting a certain characteristic or quality. This could be seen as superficial or unenlightened. This word can be used to describe someone's behavior, thoughts, or feelings.

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