What is another word for she'll be apples?


[ ʃiːl biː ˈapə͡lz], [ ʃiːl biː ˈapə‍lz], [ ʃ_iː_l b_iː_ ˈa_p_əl_z]

"She'll be apples" is a common phrase used in Australian slang to express that everything will be okay or that there is no need to worry. There are several other phrases that can be used as synonyms for "she'll be apples" such as "no worries", "it's all good", "don't stress", and "no sweat". These phrases all convey a sense of reassurance and indicate that whatever issue is at hand will be resolved without any negative consequences. In the same vein, other synonyms for "she'll be apples" could include "it's under control", "no problem", or "all sorted". These phrases are interchangeable and can be used in any situation where someone needs a bit of reassurance.

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How to use "She'll be apples" in context?

She'll be apples. That's what they would say about the woman who ends up with the guy. She'll be the one who is complementing him, approving of him, and she will always have his back. She'll be there for him when the going gets tough. She'll be an apple pie kind of girl.

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