What is another word for sheeplike?

65 synonyms found


[ ʃˈiːpla͡ɪk], [ ʃˈiːpla‍ɪk], [ ʃ_ˈiː_p_l_aɪ_k]

How to use "Sheeplike" in context?

The term "sheeplike" is often used to describe creatures that are very passive, meek, and often take orders from others. Sheeplike creatures are generally simpler in terms of their livestyle, and often live in close quarters with other members of their pack. While this can make them easy to control and manipulate, it can also make them loyal and protective of one another.

It is interesting to note that sheeplike creatures are not limited to the animal kingdom. Human beings often exhibit similar behaviors, tending to be very shy, passive, and often delegating decision-making to others.

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