What is another word for shell shock?

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Shell shock was a term coined during World War I to describe the mental distress experienced by soldiers who had been subjected to the trauma of battle. While the term is no longer considered medically accurate, there are many alternative terms that have been used to describe this condition. Some of the most common synonyms for shell shock include battle fatigue, combat stress reaction, stress disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each of these terms reflects a different aspect of the condition, and has been used to describe the psychological consequences of traumatic experiences in different contexts and periods. Despite the diversity of terms used to describe it, shell shock remains a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of war on the human psyche.

How to use "Shell shock" in context?

Shell shock is a wartime psychiatric disorder that was first described by the French psychiatrist Jean-Pierre Maquille in 1897. The term was first used in military parlance to describe a mental disorder that caused combat troops to involuntarily withdraw from combat, become unreasonably obedient to their superiors, or become violently aggressive. It was first recognized as a distinct psychiatric disorder in 1939.

Shell shock is a debilitating mental disorder that can affect anyone who has been in a foreign war zone or during a period of intense psychological stress. The disorder is characterized by three main symptoms: combat withdrawal, changes in behavior, and extreme emotional instability.

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