What is another word for shellack?

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[ ʃˈɛlak], [ ʃˈɛlak], [ ʃ_ˈɛ_l_a_k]

Shellack is a type of resin produced from the female lac bug found in India and Thailand. It is commonly used as a wood finish or polish due to its waterproof properties. If you are on the hunt for synonyms for shellack, you may come across terms like lacquer, varnish, sealant, coating, and glaze. These words all refer to materials that are typically used to protect, preserve, and enhance the appearance of different surfaces. While shellack is a specific type of resin, the other terms listed are more general and may refer to a variety of different products used for a similar purpose.

How to use "Shellack" in context?

Shellac is a type of lacquer used to finish wood. It is a clear, golden-brown resin that is comprised of resin, lacquer thinner, and aluminum powder. Shellac is very durable and can last several years if properly maintained. Shellac is also easy to repair if it starts to peel or bubble. It is most commonly used to finish wooden furniture, cabinets, and other wood items.

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