What is another word for shibboleth?

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[ ʃˈɪbə͡ʊləθ], [ ʃˈɪbə‍ʊləθ], [ ʃ_ˈɪ_b_əʊ_l_ə_θ]

There are many synonyms for the word "shibboleth," including slogan, catchphrase, motto, maxim, watchword, and byword. Each of these words refers to a phrase or saying that is associated with a particular group or belief system. A shibboleth is often used as a way to differentiate between outsiders and insiders, and it is sometimes used as a test of loyalty or adherence to a specific ideology. Whether you are looking for a way to describe a popular slogan or a specific phrase that is used within a particular community, there are many synonyms that can help you convey the meaning and importance of the word "shibboleth".

Synonyms for Shibboleth:

How to use "Shibboleth" in context?

The shibboleth is a term used to describe a universally accepted term or phrase that distinguishes one group, organization, or individual from others. It is most often used in reference to religion, where adherents of a particular faith might use a specific term to identify themselves from those who do not share their beliefs. Shibboleth can also be seen in other areas, such as professional or political circles.

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