What is another word for shipmates?

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[ ʃˈɪpme͡ɪts], [ ʃˈɪpme‍ɪts], [ ʃ_ˈɪ_p_m_eɪ_t_s]

Shipmates are comrades who are on the same vessel and share a common goal. Other synonyms for "shipmates" are crewmates, seafarers, mariners, sailors, seamen, deckhands, and boaters. These words refer to individuals who work together on a ship, and they all emphasize the solidarity and teamwork required in seafaring. Other related words for "shipmates" are ship crew, ship companions, shipmates-at-arms, and fellow sailors, all of which emphasize camaraderie and bonding between sailors. Overall, these words reflect the importance of teamwork and the need for a close-knit community on board ships.

How to use "Shipmates" in context?

Shipmates are people who travel together on a ship. They are friends and sometimes they are family. They all share the ups and downs of the journey and enjoy each other's company.

Shipmates can be from different countries, religions, and cultures. They will all have their own story to tell and share their experience with one another.

Shipmates are the unsung heroes of the maritime world. Whether it is working together to keep the ship afloat or helping to carry passengers to their destinations, they make a significant contribution to the safe and smooth operation of a ship.

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