What is another word for shirking?

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Shirking is a term that is often used to describe someone who is avoiding their responsibilities. This can be due to laziness, lack of motivation, or fear of failure. There are many synonyms for shirking, including slacking off, dodging, evading, neglecting, and procrastinating. Slacking off implies that someone is not putting in the necessary effort or that they are not meeting their work expectations. Dodging refers to someone who is actively avoiding a task or responsibility. Evading suggests someone who is trying to escape or move away from a problem. Neglecting implies someone who is not paying attention to their responsibilities while procrastinating is someone who is delaying the task at hand.

How to use "Shirking" in context?

There are a few general definitions of shirking that can be found online:

-Shirking is an act of avoiding work, responsibility, or duty.

-Shirking is a form of procrastination.

-Shirking is a way to avoid confrontation.

-Shirking is a way to avoid pain.

-Shirking is a form of avoidance.

-Shirking involves reducing the amount of effort expended in order to get something done.

-Shirking is a form of negation.

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