What is another word for short haul?

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[ ʃˈɔːt hˈɔːl], [ ʃˈɔːt hˈɔːl], [ ʃ_ˈɔː_t h_ˈɔː_l]

Short haul refers to a relatively short distance that is typically covered by a vehicle, such as a truck or a van, which carries goods or passengers from one point to another. Some synonyms for the term short haul are: 1. Local trip 2. Quick jaunt 3. Brief journey 4. Shuttle service 5. Commuter run 6. Swift transfer 7. Rapid delivery 8. Expedited transport 9. Mini transit 10. Express transport These synonyms capture the essence of short haul by emphasizing the concept of a quick or speedy trip over a relatively small distance. Whether it is ferrying goods from one locality to another or transporting passengers within a city, short haul journeys are an essential aspect of modern transportation.

How to use "Short haul" in context?

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