What is another word for shot down?

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[ ʃˈɒt dˈa͡ʊn], [ ʃˈɒt dˈa‍ʊn], [ ʃ_ˈɒ_t d_ˈaʊ_n]

Shot down is a common phrase that implies rejection or disapproval. There are several synonyms that could replace this phrase depending on the context of the situation and intended tone. Here are some options: rejected, denied, dismissed, turned down, vetoed, opposed, rebuffed, discarded, refuted, contradicted, invalidated, snubbed, discredited, disavowed. Each of these synonyms has a slightly different nuance and implication. Some may be more appropriate for formal situations while others may be more suited for casual conversations. Choosing the right synonym can help convey a clear message and communicate effectively.

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    In a recent headline, "shot down" one can only imagine the terror and confusion that gripped the passengers of Utair Flight 9268 as it plummeted from the sky. As details of the event have unfolded, it is clear that the crew and passengers of the flight experienced a harrowing ordeal. The aircraft, which was en route from Moscow to Tallinn, Estonia, suddenly descended steeply before crashing into the ground near the Russian border. All 224 passengers and crew onboard were killed in what has been described as one of the deadliest airline accidents in recent history.

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