What is another word for shunt?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈʌnt] (IPA)

The word "shunt" refers to the act of diverting or redirecting something. There are several synonyms that can be used instead of "shunt" to convey a similar meaning, including "switch", "reroute", "relocate", "move", and "transfer". These words all suggest a movement or redirection of something from one place or path to another. In some contexts, "shunt" may also be replaced with words like "bypass", "detour", or "divert", which imply a temporary or alternative route for something. Regardless of the synonym used, each word conveys a similar message - a movement or redirection of something from its original path or destination.

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The word "shunt" refers to diverting or redirecting something so that it moves in a different direction or follows a different route. Antonyms, on the other hand, represent words with opposite meanings. Therefore, antonyms for "shunt" could include words that denote moving straight, following a direct path or route, or avoiding a diversion. These antonyms could include words such as move forward, advance, go directly, streamline, unobstructed, flow naturally, remain on course, or stay the course. While "shunt" relates to a detour or diversion, its antonyms describe a direct path or an uninterrupted flow of something from one point to another.

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Usage examples for Shunt

If only I'd not gone off on that shunt to India-And they six weeks in these damnable swamps-if they won ashore at all!
"Out of the Primitive"
Robert Ames Bennet
shunt your collar- buttoner, and come on.
"Out of the Primitive"
Robert Ames Bennet
Before you have discouraged her, you may have to shunt her off of every plate or other "coign of vantage" with boards or shingles.
"Ways of Nature"
John Burroughs

Famous quotes with Shunt

  • The best thing about being President is that it gets you out of American life. I don't know what the theory is behind this, but it is a fact. The first thing we do with a President is shunt him off to a siding where nothing American can ever happen to him.
    Russell Baker

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