What is another word for sick pay?

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[ sˈɪk pˈe͡ɪ], [ sˈɪk pˈe‍ɪ], [ s_ˈɪ_k p_ˈeɪ]

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    Synonyms for Sick pay:

    How to use "Sick pay" in context?

    When an employee is absent from work due to illness, their employer is legally required to pay them as if they were at work, even if they are not actually working. This is known as, "sick pay". Sick pay can be a crucial source of income during times of illness, and should be treated as such.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when calculating sick pay: the period of illness, the employee's ordinary hours of work, and the employee's previous salary. The period of illness should be limited to the duration of the illness, and should not include the days immediately preceding or following the illness.

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