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Sill refers to the threshold of a window or door, but it can also mean a shelf or ledge. Some synonyms for sill include a ledge, step, threshold, bottom frame, or platform. Other related words include a window cill, a windowsill, a door jamb, or a door threshold. Sills are an essential architectural feature of any building, as they provide support for the window or door frame. In addition to their functional purpose, sills can add aesthetic value to a home or building when they are carefully designed and decorated. Whether simple and unadorned or elaborate and decorative, sills are a vital element of any structure.

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How to use "Sill" in context?

Sills are the lateral parts of a window or doorframe that support the upper part of the window or door. Sills are also known as lintels, headers, or raking panels. Windows and doors with sill heights of more than 18 inches (450 mm) require a sill extension.

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