What is another word for silly over?

27 synonyms found


[ sˈɪli ˈə͡ʊvə], [ sˈɪli ˈə‍ʊvə], [ s_ˈɪ_l_i_ ˈəʊ_v_ə]

Related words: thoughts and overthinking, too much thought process, overthinking your thoughts, too much thought process, overthoughtful

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    Synonyms for Silly over:

    How to use "Silly over" in context?

    When talking to someone you like, it can be tempting to over-shoot your compliments. For example, saying something like, "You look great!" instead of "You look fantastic!" However, this can come across as insincere, leading the person to think that you don't really mean it. Instead, try saying something like, "You look very handsome!" or, "You look like you always look great!" This will show that you are sincere and that you appreciate the person's appearance.

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