What is another word for silversides?

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[ sˈɪlvəsˌa͡ɪdz], [ sˈɪlvəsˌa‍ɪdz], [ s_ˈɪ_l_v_ə_s_ˌaɪ_d_z]

Silversides is a term used to refer to small, slender and silvery-colored fish species found in oceans and other large water bodies. Some synonyms for the word silversides include sand lance, needlefish, sand eel, and smelt. Sand lances are small fish that live on sandy bottoms and feed on plankton, while needlefish are slender carnivorous fish with long beaks. Sand eels are long and narrow fishes that burrow into sand and feed on small crustaceans, and smelt, commonly known as rainbow smelt, are small, silver-colored freshwater fish. These different species of fish share similar size, slender shape, and silver coloration, but have different habitats, feeding habits, and physical features.

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The silversides are a a very special type of fish. These fish can survive without water for weeks at a time. Some silversides can even survive without food for weeks.

Some people think that the silversides can resist diseases better than other fish. They are also fished in much greater numbers than other fish. The silversides are a very important part of many people's diets.

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