What is another word for siphon?

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Siphoning is a process of transferring liquid from one container to another. Synonyms for siphon could include transfer, funnel, drain, pour, decant, or conduct. Those looking to make their speech more interesting could also use phrases like "to draw off," "to syphon out," or "to withdraw by suction." When selecting the right synonym for siphon, it is essential to consider the context of the conversation and the connotation of the word. Using synonyms can help you to add variety and interest to your sentences, making your speech or writing more engaging for your audience.

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The siphon is one of the simplest and classic pumps used to move fluid. It has a tube that goes down one side of a container, and another tube that goes up the other side of the container. When the pump is pushing fluid up the tube on the up side, it pulls fluid down the tube on the down side. This allows fluid to flow from the higher to lower container.

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