What is another word for sipuncula?

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[ sɪpˈʌnkjʊlə], [ sɪpˈʌnkjʊlə], [ s_ɪ_p_ˈʌ_n_k_j_ʊ_l_ə]

Sipuncula is a phylum of marine animals that are worm-like in appearance. The name Sipuncula is derived from the Latin word "sipunculus," meaning "small tube-like creature". There are several other synonyms that are commonly used to refer to this phylum. One such synonym is the "peanut worm," as the body of these animals appears similar to the shape of a peanut. Another commonly used synonym is "sipunculid," which is derived from the phylum name. Additionally, they may be referred to as "goblet worms" due to their cylindrical-shaped body and wide mouth opening. Overall, Sipuncula and its synonyms are used to describe a unique and fascinating group of marine animals.

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    Sipuncula, or sipuncula sipunculiformes, are a phylum of cnidarians, or the group of organisms including corals, anemones, hydrozoans, and jellyfish. They are typically small and shrimp-like organisms, with a head, a long, whip-like body, and a single, characteristic tentacle. They are ubiquitous in coastal and marine environments, feeding on plankton and other small organisms.

    The sipuncula phylum has a long evolutionary history, going back to the early Cambrian period.

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