What is another word for sison?

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[ sˈɪsən], [ sˈɪsən], [ s_ˈɪ_s_ə_n]

Sison is a word that has different meaning in various cultures and languages. In the Tagalog language, Sison refers to the number 13, while in the Ilokano language, it means "son of a chief." However, when searching for synonyms for this term, it may be challenging to find related words for such different meanings. Some possible alternatives could include using words such as teenager, adolescent, or youth to refer to the number 13. When referencing the Ilokano meaning, words like "heir", "successor" or "scion" could work as synonyms. It is essential to choose the right term that fits with the intended context to avoid confusion or ambiguity when communicating.

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