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The term "six-pack" is commonly used to describe a well-defined abdominal muscle group. However, there are several other synonyms used to describe the same. "Washboard abs" is one such alternative term, which refers to a toned and muscular abdomen. "Ripped abs" is also used to describe well-defined abs that are visible under a thin layer of fat. "Chiseled abs" is another alternative term, which highlights the muscular definition of the abs. Other synonyms include "rock-hard abs," "cut abs," and "toned tummy." These terms describe the same muscle group with varying degrees of emphasis on different aspects like tone, definition, and firmness.

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"six-pack" is a popular term referring to abdominal muscles that look six inches (15 cm) wide when viewed from the side or top. These are the muscles that attach the torso to the hips and create the "six-pack" appearance. Workouts that focus on the six-pack can help youtone your abdominal muscles, reduce fat, and improve your posture.

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