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Skating is typically associated with gliding gracefully across the ice. However, there are many synonyms for skating that refer to different types of movement on different surfaces. For example, rollerblading is a synonym for skating on inline skates. Skateboarding involves riding a board with four wheels, typically on a concrete surface. Scootering is similar to skateboarding, but with a narrower board and a handlebar for steering. Longboarding involves riding a board with larger wheels for a smoother ride, often down hills. Skiing and snowboarding are synonyms for ice skating on snow, while surfing involves riding waves on a board. Ultimately, there are many ways to "skate" and experiment with different types of movement.

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When I was younger, my parents would take me to the local ice rink every weekend. I would go with my brothers and sisters and we would all skate on the ice. I loved it! I loved how fast everything seemed and I loved how coordinated I had to be in order to stay upright. I eventually stopped skating when I got a little bit older, but I always remembered how much I loved it. Fast forward to now and I am back skating! I discovered inline skating a few years ago and I love it! I find it to be much more challenging than skating on the ice and I get a great workout.

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