What is another word for skim?

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Skim is a common word that is often used to describe the process of removing unwanted debris or substances from a surface. Some synonyms for skim include browse, glance, skim-read, scan, peruse, sift, and skim through. All of these words describe the process of quickly and efficiently looking over something in order to gain a quick understanding of its contents without delving too deep. Skim can also be used to describe the process of removing cream or other substances from the top of a liquid. Some synonyms related to this meaning include remove, extract, siphon, or separate.

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    When it comes to skimming substances from a liquid, there are two methods that are used. The first is to use a spoon or another container to take small amounts of the substance and then to add it back to the container. The other method is to just pour the substance directly from the container into a cup or another container.

    The main reason that people use either method is because they want to make sure that they are not getting any of the substance onto their skin or into their eyes. It is important to be very careful when skimming substances because if you are not, you could end up getting very sick.

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