What is another word for skink?

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Skink is a word used to refer to small lizards of the family Scincidae. These lizards are characterized by their cylindrical bodies, short legs, and smooth, shiny scales that cover their skin. There are many different types of skinks that are found in various parts of the world, each with its own unique features and traits. Some synonyms for the word skink include lizard, gecko, chameleon, anole, and iguana. Although each of these words refers to different types of reptiles, they share some similarities with skinks, such as their scaly skin and cold-blooded nature.

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The skink (Lepidosiren punctatus) is a lizard Australian native to the islands of Tasmania and Victoria. The skink is a small, short-bodied species typically measuring 25 to 36 cm in length with a moderately long tail. The color of the skink can vary strikingly, but is usually shades of brown, gray, or black with a yellow or green spot on the side of its head. The skink is a shy and terrestrial lizard that lives in burrows and colonial crevices. It feeds mainly on insects, but will also eat small reptiles and small mammals.

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