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When it comes to comedy, "skit" is a commonly used term for a short, humorous sketch or performance. However, there are many other synonyms for "skit" that can be used to spice up your vocabulary and add variety to your comedic writing. Some synonyms for "skit" include skit-comedy, parody, spoof, lampoon, caricature, burlesque, and farce. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but they all refer to a humorous performance or piece of writing that pokes fun at something or someone. Whether you're an aspiring comedian or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, these synonyms for "skit" are sure to come in handy.

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The word "skit" comes from the Old Norse word skíta, meaning "to skip." A skit is a funny or satirical short performance. They can be used as stand-alone comedic pieces or incorporated into other skits. They can be performed by individuals or groups, and are usually improvised.

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