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Slam dance is the term used to refer to a style of dance that is characterized by thrashing, jumping, and moshing, usually to the beats of punk, heavy metal, or hard rock music. However, there are several other synonyms for slam dance, each with its unique connotation and subculture. These include pogoing, skanking, circle pit, stage dive, and wall of death, among others. Pogoing involves jumping up and down in one place, furiously bouncing to the rhythm of the music. Skanking is a style originating from ska music, involving jerky leg movements. Circle pit refers to dancing in a circular motion around a mosh pit, while a stage dive involves jumping from the stage and crowd surfing. Wall of death involves the music stopping, and the crowd rushing together and pushing in opposite directions.

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The slam dance is one of the most popular dances in the world. It is a dance that originated in American clubs in the early 1960s. The dance is usually performed to disco or funk music and typically involves huge amounts of energy and motion. The slam dance is often used as a way to celebrate or to show off one's skills.

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